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ATTENTION:  If you are visiting Triumph Media because you are attempting to contact "Elizebeth Sanders", you are being scammed.   The company referenced in that CraigsList ad and mass email is Triumphresearch.net and to the best of our knowledge, is NOT a real company.   The signature of the advertisments references Triumph Media but Ms. Sanders has never been in our employ.  DO NOT send that company money, DO NOT offer your bank account information.  DO NOT supply and personal information.  We have received over 100 calls and emails thus far about this issue.

We at Triumph Media are dedicated to the home and small business user.  We offer remote, telephone and onsite computer education, repair and troubleshooting.

We offer design services, World Wide Web programming and design, programming services, technical writing and other services.  Together with our partners, we are a one stop tech shop for all your computer and technology needs.


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When things go wrong...

The purchase of a new computer can be a wonderful experience, especially with the recent release of Windows Version 7. But this can also be a very trying and frustrating experience as things do not always work properly "out of box". Will this new operating system be compatible with your current home network? What about the files on your old machine? How can you easily transfer those to the new machine? So many questions.

When you need the answers and don't want to pay $125.00 or more simply to find out something that took 10 minutes, where do you turn? The geeks?  The dogs?  Nope, that is not the answer.  You turn to Triumph Media.

 If you are lucky, at least one member of your family is a GEEK or a NERD. They can quickly help you get your new system on the internet, up and running and those precious files transferred over. But if you are not that lucky, you have to depend on speaking with slow, long hold techincal support, which in many situations originiates outside this country. Or you can take your machine to a local / national technical support group. This can very quickly get pricey. You may find that the cost of gettting your computer running the way that you want will very quicky surpass the price you paid for your machine.

Thats where Triumph Media comes in. There are three types of support and training that are offered here.

1. Telephone support - Quick answers to easy questions.
2. Remote Support - We can log directly to your machine and make changes.
3. On-Site Support - We come to your location, home or office, and complete the required tasks to give you a pleasant technical experience.

On top of that, not only do we repair the machine, replace hardware or fix software errors, we show you why it happened and how you can stop it from happening again.

Triumph Media has removed the high cost overhead from Techincal Support in the Memphis area. We do not have expensve, high tech transportation to reach you and are vehicles are not filled with the latest gadgets that are only used for our corporate clients. Those these are available, they are not required to service most computers. Our service is dedicated to the Home computer user and small business users. By removing this overhead, we are able to transfer the savings to you, the consumer.

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